Help to Manage your Funding

PLANnet ASSIST has a long-term approach.  Our aim is to provide assistance for you to reach your aspirations and goals, and will design with you the support structure you need to manage your funding so you can secure the very best future for yourself.

PLANnet ASSIST offers four categories of support:

  • Training and information workshops
  • Framework to engage your own contractors.
  • Acquittal and accountability of funding obligations.
  • Mentoring and peer support.

PLANnet ASSIST can be as involved in your service planning as you need us to be. We can assist in setting up systems for you or we can help facilitate your plans on an ongoing basis.  It’s your choice.  We will collaborate with you to help you achieve your goals, provide mentoring and education tools to achieve full self-management or help you choose and engage your own supports and support workers, giving you the flexibility and choice that best fits with your life.

PLANnet ASSIST offers two workshops to assist you with self-management: “Understanding Self Management with PLANnet ASSIST” and “Engaging your own Workers”.  Click here to find out more about these workshops, or contact us to enquire or enrol.

Independent Contractors

You may wish to have greater choice and flexibility of services through the use of independent contractors.  PLANnet ASSIST does not provide direct disability support services.  Instead we offer assistance for you to engage your own independent contractors, thus enabling your disability funding to stretch further.

Independent Contractors are self-employed support workers, who work within a written contract to provide support services to clients.  Independent contractors can be either nominated by the client, or selected from our pool of contractors.

PLANnet ASSIST can facilitate arrangements between the individual and the contractor, in order to best meet the needs of both parties.  An hourly rate of pay will be negotiated.

Implementing your Plan

If you have a plan developed either by the National Disability Insurance Agency or through Disability SA, PLANnet ASSIST can help you to implement the goals you have identified.  We can work with you so that you have the assistance you need to take the steps toward achieving those goals.

However, we encourage all of our clients to also have a ‘whole-of-life’ plan, one that goes beyond support hours, equipment and health needs.  We address the issue of your vision for a good life and what steps will you need to take to achieve your vision.

Planning is the foundation for building a good life, and if anyone knows about your life it is YOU!  So, you be the driver in this important process.  Click here for more information on planning.

Planning under the National Disability Insurance Agency Model

The NDIA requires that you undergo a planning process with them in order to identify your goals and thus make best use of your disability funding.  Once you have developed your plan with your NDIA Plan Manager you can choose how to manage it.   For example you may:

  • Decide to manage your plan yourself
  • Nominate another person to manage your plan (called a plan nominee)
  • Choose to use a registered plan management provider
  • Ask NDIA to manage your plan
  • Want a combination of these options.

Part of putting your plan into action is choosing who will provide your supports.  There are a variety of providers, but through PLANnet ASSIST your funding dollars will stretch further.

Planning under the Disability SA Model

Disability SA is in the process of offering all clients receiving support the opportunity to self-manage their funding. This is being done in stages, so please check with your local office to see whether it applies to you yet.   If you decide to do this you will need to develop a Personal Budget Plan, with agreed outcomes and the associated support requirements.   (A carer or guardian may act on behalf of a person who is eligible.)

The steps are:

  • Choose to participate in Individualised Funding and self-manage your disability support arrangements
  • Meet with a Facilitator and receive orientation to self-manage.
  • With a Facilitator, write up an initial plan with specific goals.

Once you have made your plan you need to

  • Review your goals
  • Identify the self-management option that works best for you
  • Identify the services / items that will best meet your needs
  • Develop a Personal Budget Plan
  • Receive approval for the total plan.

Part of putting your plan into action is choosing who will provide your supports.  There are a variety of providers, but through PLANnet ASSIST your funding dollars will stretch further.

For more information, visit the SA Government website


PLANnet ASSIST charges an annual fee of eight percent of your funding package.

Fee Structure

  • Establishment Fee
  • Annual Fee
  • Fee for Service

Contact PlanNET ASSIST office for current fee schedule.

The Establishment Fee covers

  • Joining PLANnet ASSIST
  • Handbook for Self Direction and Self Management.
  • Attendance at mandatory workshops (re Self Management)
  • Access to optional information workshops (re Planning and Networks)
  • Liaison as required with funding body
  • Supporting documentation and templates for self-direction

Annual Fee covers:

  • Paying invoices at the direction of the individual in accordance with the goals of their funding plan.
  • Accounting for individual’s funding.
  • Acquittal of expenditure in accordance with funder’s requirements.
  • National Minimum Data Set (NMDS) Reporting.
  • Access to Community Support Worker Register.
  • Assistance with engagement and direction of contractors.
  • Information updates.
  • Facilitating peer connections

Fee for Service:

This fee applies if special assistance is required over and above the scope of the Establishment Fee and Annual Fee, and may include such things as planning, negotiations with funder, engaging contractors or general problem solving.

NOTE: This will not be charged without prior agreement.