Andrew’s story

Learn more about what we do by following the story of one of our members, Andrew.
Prior to the network, Andrew’s social interaction was based mainly on family or paid workers. His behaviour often revealed loneliness, frustration and lack of purpose.

Since the inception of his network, Andrew’s life has ‘blossomed’. He has gained new skills and regained lost ones. Although still needing support, improved computer, writing and photography skills are the outcomes of network activities.

Now Andrew has a growing community around him. Andrew meets regularly with the people in his network, sometimes for a planned activity, sometimes just for coffee and a chat.

Andrew volunteers in his community, out of which has arisen new relationships.  Andrew is seen as a contributing member of society, valued for his presence and gifts.  One of Andrew’s goals is to start his own business, and his network are supporting him in that.

Andrew leads a fulfilling life with the love and support of his friends, his family and his network.

Lifestyle and self-esteem outcomes, not statistics, are the real measure. Andrew’s network has been successful beyond our expectations.


An update on Andrew…

Thanks to a network facilitated by planNET, and a team of support workers engaged in partnership with PLANnet ASSIST to meet his unique requirements, Andrew has been encouraged to expand some of his family and community roles and to try some new ones.

A new role for Andrew is that of business owner.  Based on his interest in vans and coffee, and with the help of family and the encouragement of his network, Andrew now has a business called ‘Coffee Please’, a mobile coffee van available for community events and private functions.  As Andrew says “it took a long time to start but we are now doing well.”

He himself recognises that an outcome has been a growth in confidence.  “I get to meet and talk to and know more people and I have gotten over being a bit shy.  I ask customers what they would like and give them the right change.”

Assisted by his team of workers, and in particular Leah his barista, Andrew has taken his van to a variety of events including local school sports days, Australia Day Celebrations, private parties, even a wedding.  A regular spot for the van on weekends is the lower car park of the mt Lofty Botanic Gardens.  “It’s good having a team doing the work together and we have fun!”

Click here for info on how to book Andrew’s coffee van for your next function!