What is a Person Centred Plan?  

The type of plan that PlanNET facilitates is one that looks at ‘whole of life’ issues, is informed by the person and their family, focuses on their dreams for the future, works out what they don’t want, and arrives at a vision of what they do want.  How that vision is achieved and who will contribute to its achievement are a vital part of the planning process.                             

A Person Centred Plan is a structured, active document that reflects how a person wants to live and their goals for the future.

There are many forms of Person Centred Plans, but the best plans are those where the main contributors are the person themselves and their closest family and friends i.e. the people who know them best. The best plans are constructed through a process of asking, listening and recording.  And afterward, the best plans are those that are kept up to date, recording achievements and reflecting changes in the person’s life.

A Person Centred Plan:

  • Puts on paper what has previously been unwritten, and therefore clarifies and highlights the information.
  • Identifies information that others might need to know to best provide support
  • Highlights the person and not the disability
  • Focuses on the person’s strengths
  • Identifies the person’s dreams (and perhaps their nightmares)
  • Outlines the goals toward achieving those dreams, and the steps to be taken
  • Helps the family to differentiate between their own ideas and their son’s/daughter’s ideas about what is important
  • Identifies current resources, and those necessary to support the person to achieve their dreams.

A Person Centred Plan can be the basis for other plans such as: an NDIS plan, ILPs, Behaviour Support Plan etc.

How can I get a Person Centred Plan?

PlanNET offers a series of workshops to help families and individuals prepare a detailed futures plan.  By working alongside other families, it allows you to learn from one another, thus providing informal and informed support.  Read more about this and “Bringing you plan to life / plan review” here.