1. What assistance does PlanNET provide?

Needs vary and the assistance we provide ranges from lifestyle development through to helping you manage your disability funding.

If you need help with setting up, facilitating or maintaining individual plans for self-management our service can be tailored so you can choose the level of assistance you require. We can assist you to set up arrangements between yourself and your Independent Contractors.

Some people require ongoing help, while others need assistance only at the outset.

2. Why self-manage my funding?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), through the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), began rolling out in July 2013 and will continue to roll out until 2018. This means that by 2018 any person with a disability who qualifies for funding will have the choice of self-managing their own funds. Visit the NDIS website for more information about the rollout www.ndis.gov.au.

The South Australian Government is offering clients the option of self-managing their individualised funding. This is being done in stages, so please check with your local DCSI office to see if that option is available to you.

While change can be daunting, the positive is that self-managing your funding means you will have more choice to choose your own support network, you will be able to engage your own support workers, to allocate funding where you want to and make sure it is directly in line with your aspirations and goals. Self-managing your funding will give you greater flexibility, choice and control.

3. Who are Independent Contractors?

Independent Contractors are self-employed support workers, engaged by the client, who work within a written contract to provide support services to that client.

Those who excel in this role have:

  • a genuine caring nature
  • a strong belief that people with disabilities should be supported well to live the life they choose for themselves in the community
  • honesty and integrity
  • a belief in human rights and justice for all.

4. What are the qualifications of Independent Contractors?

All Independent Contractors must have undertaken ‘Disability Services Employment Screening’, and are encouraged to have a current first aid certificate.

Those who do have other qualifications, such as a Certificate 3 in ‘Community Services – Disability’ or higher, or Manual Handling Certificate may place themselves in a preferred position to establish regular contracts.

Some services you need may not necessarily require formal disability training, but relevant life experience instead.

5. What role does PlanNET have with Independent Contractors?

PlanNET will facilitate arrangements between yourself and the contractor, in order to best meet the needs of both parties. An hourly rate of pay will be negotiated between both parties, depending on qualifications and the type of service required.