Privacy policy

It is PlanNET’s policy to treat each person who contracts PlanNET services with dignity and respect.

The sense of self-worth of people who affiliate with PlanNET, or undertake network participation will be reinforced by making sure their abilities and efforts are continually acknowledged and that their contact with PlanNET staff is always respectful and courteous.

When developing a network around an individual, PlanNET will always cite the name of the individual who provided the name and address details of prospective participants to the Facilitator. This measure is to ensure PlanNET is not implicated in cold calling or in breach of the Privacy Act.

Personal information about members, network participants and focus individuals of PlanNET will be kept confidential in a locked environment.
Information will only be referred to for network building or maintenance purposes and will not be disclosed unless individuals give their permission to tell others, or if knowledge of that information is likely to prevent a person from being seriously harmed.

Where a PlanNET Facilitator needs to share or obtain information with/from people other than those nominated members of an individual’s family or network, they will discuss this with the individual and obtain a signed Exchange of Information consent from them.

Services will be provided in ways that most respect the person’s physical and emotional privacy.