With the NDIS, preparation is the key.  It is important to know what you want and what to ask for before you attend your NDIS planning meeting.

Here is how PlanNET can help you achieve success with the NDIS.

Our work is divided into 4 main areas:


If you want the flexibility of self-management but want to avoid the hassle of paying the bills, Plan Management is the way to go.

As your Plan Manager, PlanNET will:

  • Pay provider invoices on your behalf.
  • Make claims for payment through the NDIS online portal.
  • Prepare monthly reports for you on how funds are being used and how much is left in each support category of your plan.
  • Notify you if funds are not being used or are getting low.
  • Resolve invoicing issues directly with providers.

Benefits of having a Plan Manager are:

  • Freedom and flexibility – in fact, you have all the same choice and flexibility as self-management, but with less hassle and at no cost.
  • You can use registered and unregistered providers, independent contractors or direct employees – you can’t do that if your plan is Agency Managed (i.e. NDIA-managed).
  • No cost to you – the funds for Plan Management are over and above your allocated budget.
  • No need to navigate your way through the NDIS online portal, which some have found confusing.
  • Assistance with service agreements and how to find workers, if you have some ‘capacity building’ budget.

ASK FOR :  ‘Plan Management’ and ‘Plan Management activities’ at your NDIS planning meeting, and nominate PlanNET as your Plan Manager.


CAPACITY BUILDING – (Coordination of Supports) – Bringing life to your plan / plan review

Planning forms the foundation for building a good life, and if anyone knows about your life and what you want, it is YOU!  PlanNET helps you to build a good life by exploring possibilities and bringing life to your NDIS plan.  This is relevant both now and as you think about your next plan review.  Our facilitators have many years’ experience assisting people to think creatively in order to put life into their plans.  If you like, you can invite your family and friends to get involved too.

Benefits are:

  • Your plan is uniquely tailored to your gifts and strengths.
  • It explores all aspects of life, not just those for which there is funding.
  • Builds on what is working and explores alternatives for things not working.
  • Can be done either in a safe, supportive group, or individually.

ASK FOR:  ‘Coordination of supports’ at your NDIS planning meeting.

Click here to find out more about how we can assist you to bring life to your plan, or to prepare for your plan review.


CAPACITY BUILDING – Training on how to choose & engage your own workers.

 PlanNET does not provide direct disability support services.  Instead we offer assistance for you to engage your own independent contractors.  Independent contractors are self-employed support workers who work within a written contract to provide the unique support services you want. 

Benefits of engaging your own workers are:

  • Choice, flexibility and control of who is in your life
  • Information on safeguards and procedures.

ASK FOR training to be included in your capacity building budget at your NDIS planning meeting, or, if relevant, ask for: ‘Training for carers/parents’

Click here to find out more about how we can assist you to choose and engage your own workers.


SOCIAL & COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION – Building a social network

PlanNET works together with you (and/or your family) to develop a safe, reliable and ongoing social network. 

Benefits of having a social network are:

  • Genuine reciprocal friendships.
  • Support to achieve your goals.
  • Sharing life’s highs and lows.
  • Working towards a safe and happy future.

ASK FOR:  ‘Increased social and community participation’ at your NDIS appointment.

Click here to find out more about how we can assist you to build a social network.


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