PlanNET was set up by families for families.

In 2006 a group of families met at a facilitated planning program, ”Pathways to Possibilities”, run by Parent to Parent Qld. A common fear emerged – that once parents were unable to carry out their caring role the individual with a disability would lead a very lonely and isolated life.

There was the shared realisation that the future security and happiness of our family member depended not on the size of any estate or the legal arrangements set in place, but the social supports and relationships surrounding them.

We were determined to find ways to encourage, build and sustain relationships that would be mutual, welcomed and reciprocated and where gifts and talents were recognised and valued.

We looked at what others were doing locally, interstate and overseas and, inspired by family initiatives elsewhere, we considered our options. The result was that in June 2008, with the help of seed funding from the Julia Farr McLeod Foundation, planNET was open for the business of initiating intentional relationships and facilitating social networks around persons with a disability for the whole of their life.

By 2013, with more and more people opting for individualised funding, and with the National Disability Insurance Scheme becoming a reality, it was clear that many individuals with a disability and their families would be looking for assistance to manage their disability funding. We were uniquely positioned to offer the sort of practical assistance needed to get the most out of an individual’s disability funding.