PlanNET is a not for profit, non-government organisation created, directed and monitored by families for families that have a member with a disability or a mental or chronic illness.

Our Values

  • Family leadership
  • Inclusion
  • Contribution to the community by persons with a disability
  • Reciprocal relationships
  • Person centred planning
  • Organisational self sufficiency

Our Vision

A society where people with disabilities enjoy a good life as full citizens of their chosen community, based on meaningful relationships and contribution.

Our Mission

  • Through life planning workshops, assist people with disabilities and their families to explore their individual dreams and write a practical working plan, to enable them to work towards their goals.
  • Acknowledging the importance of relationships, support people with a disability and their families to initiate and maintain reciprocal relationships through networks of support and connections with the community.
  • Assist people with disabilities (or families on their behalf) to hold and exercise the authority to determine their own destiny and associated supports.

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